Sunday, 3 April 2016

Happy Easter!

We know Easter was last weekend but better late than never! We hope you all had a lovely time, the ponies sure did, with lovely sunny weather and spring grass coming through.
Happy Easter from Cracker
The babies love a good tummy scratch and they tell us so by pulling these cute smiley faces! They are starting to lose their winter coats again now and I think between all of them we could build another pony from all the fluff.

Also on a more serious note we would like to raise awareness of the terrible plight facing the moor ponies. Please take a look here for more information but please be aware there is graphic content.

"There is currently a welfare crisis underway on Bodmin Moor - THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.  On one particular common there is a crisis which has been underway since 27th February 2016 - a month now.  The mass neglect and starvation of ponies - in the last month at least 11 ponies have died out on the common from neglect and starvation, too weak to survive they have been dropping dead out on the moor, their carcasses left to rot...not even collected by the authorities who are aware of the situation.  All those dead have been left out for weeks now - and even for all to see for the Easter bank holiday - the start of the Cornish tourist holiday season..."


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