About Us

About Us

Loan Scheme:
Horses and Ponies are only re-homed under our loan scheme to foster carers that have been vetted by us and can give the horse or pony a high standard of care and welfare. Regular visits are made by THV to all re-homed horses and ponies to ensure they are being well cared for. Should standards fall or the welfare of a horse or pony be threatened in any way we will remove them from the foster carer.

Establishing our centre:
Since 1990 much has been achieved through the generosity of our wonderful supporters and trustees without whom so much would not have been possible.
* Many horses and ponies have been rescued and hundreds re-homed.
* Twenty acres of barren, treeless, arable land has been transformed into an oasis of wildflower meadows with spinneys and hedgerows providing natural windbreaks and shade for the horses and ponies as well as providing homes for an abundance of wildlife.
* We have been able to develop our facilities and can currently accommodate fifteen horses and ponies.
* The fields are sectioned into paddocks using post and rail fencing with each paddock having its own wooden field shelter. There are special areas for tiny ponies and those prone to laminitis, these too have wooden shelters. During the summer, the grass in the larger fields is left to grow for hay and in the winter the fields are grazed by the horses and ponies.
* We also have a small barn with three loose stalls and a storage room. The stable yard has four large stables, a tack room, feed room and small feed store.
* We were able to purchase 3.5 acres of adjoining land in 2002 enabling us to increase the number of horses and ponies we can accommodate.

Founders Message:
Having been involved with horses since childhood I was constantly appalled by the suffering of such noble creatures at the hands of humans in a so-called civilised society. I felt I could not just stand by without doing anything to help.
So in 1990 Bob and I sold our house, purchased twenty acres of land and spent the next ten years living in a caravan. WHY? I hear you gasp. Well, because over the years we have had the privilege and satisfaction of rescuing and helping to re-home hundreds of horses and ponies who would otherwise have died, been slaughtered or lived sad, pitiful and abused lives. I’ll admit, there have been many heartbreaking moments over the years, but I’m happy to tell you that there have been many more tears of joy than sadness, and it is the successes that make it all worthwhile.

I feel passionately about the work that we do at The Horse’s Voice and although I have sadly borne witness to much cruelty and neglect over the years it only serves to make me even more determined to rescue horses and ponies who need our help. There are many more ponies and horses still waiting to be rescued and we at The Horse’s Voice will always do what we can to help them.
Through the dedication and generosity of our wonderful supporters, The Horse’s Voice has achieved so much over the years but there is still so much to do.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I hope you enjoy reading about our success stories and looking at the pictures of our permanent residents. We care deeply about our horses and ponies, every one is special to us.

Pat Dargue
Founder & Trustee
The Horse’s Voice.