Our Aims

The aims of the charity are:
For the relief of suffering of horses, ponies, donkeys or mules (equines) who are in need of care and attention and to provide or maintain refuges or rescue homes or hospitals or sanctuaries or stables or paddocks or other facilities for the reception and care of unwanted equines and the treatment of sick or ill-treated equines.

The Horse’s Voice is a small charity (Registered Charity number: 1080442) that rescues and rehabilitates horses and ponies. Never in our history have we put a healthy horse down. Please help us to help horses and ponies who, without our help, abandoned and abused will endure short and unhappy lives.

Where possible, we aim to re-home horses and ponies in caring and knowledgeable homes through our fostering scheme. But some of our residents, especially the older ones in need of special care for medical conditions will spend the remainder of their days living happily at our center.
We rely solely on fundraising, donations and legacies to fund our work. Administration and fundraising is undertaken by volunteers so that every penny you donate will go directly towards the cost of feeding and caring for the horses and ponies.

So please, if you can, help support our work in rescuing and rehabilitating horses and ponies that deserve a second chance. We try desperately to help as many horses and ponies as we can, but we can only continue to do this through the kind donations from our supporters. Please look at our news and fundraising pages for our latest information.

Thanks again for visiting our website and please help us if you can by making a donation or by sponsoring one of our wonderful permanent residents.
A horse or pony that comes into the care of The Horse’s Voice is given our protection for the rest of his or her life.