Wednesday, 27 April 2016

New Fundraising Information

We have been setting up lots of new ways to raise funds this week and would really appreciate it if you could spend a little time to check them out.

First is our new crowdfunding page, we have set a target of £6000 and all the money raised will go towards vets bills, farrier visits, feed, hay and general care for the ponies. You can find it here

Next we have our Horses' Voice Equine Selling page where we will be selling horsey items, all the money goes to The Horses' Voice. Please see the page for more details here

We have also set up The Horses' Voice Auction Page where any other items we have for sale will be auctioned, including clothes, ornaments, toys, special items etc. Get to that page here

More items are being added to these pages all the time so please keep checking back for new bargains.

Last but not least we have set up easy fundraising. Please consider using this next time you are shopping online, it can be used for many sites and will raise money for us! That can be found here


New Adventures

We were very busy last week making the most of the lovely weather. The babies have all been for their first visits to the round pen to get them used to doing things on their own occasionally.


They took it all in their stride and enjoyed their new adventure, they were allowed to just wander about as they pleased as it was their first time and we wanted to make sure it was a fun experience for them

Barney and Thunder also had a great time, we let them go in together as they are still lacking a bit of confidence.


Bilko and Molly have even been having a run round this week in the cooler, fresher weather! They're so cute together.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

It's been another busy week at The Horse's Voice with everyone getting into the spring routine. We definitely like these brighter mornings and warmer weather! We had a visit from Alice our Vet on Thursday for Molly to have her dental checkup. She was a very good girl.

 Sally pony enjoying a nap on Monday morning.

We also received this lovely photo of Faye in her new home with her super little rider. They have been happily hacking around their village and Faye took it all in her stride. Such a cute pair!

We are still in need of more people to offer monthly donations as we have not yet hit our target. We want to continue rescuing and rehoming as many equines as possible but we cannot do it without your help. Please get in touch if you can offer us support.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Happy Easter!

We know Easter was last weekend but better late than never! We hope you all had a lovely time, the ponies sure did, with lovely sunny weather and spring grass coming through.
Happy Easter from Cracker
The babies love a good tummy scratch and they tell us so by pulling these cute smiley faces! They are starting to lose their winter coats again now and I think between all of them we could build another pony from all the fluff.

Also on a more serious note we would like to raise awareness of the terrible plight facing the moor ponies. Please take a look here for more information but please be aware there is graphic content.

"There is currently a welfare crisis underway on Bodmin Moor - THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.  On one particular common there is a crisis which has been underway since 27th February 2016 - a month now.  The mass neglect and starvation of ponies - in the last month at least 11 ponies have died out on the common from neglect and starvation, too weak to survive they have been dropping dead out on the moor, their carcasses left to rot...not even collected by the authorities who are aware of the situation.  All those dead have been left out for weeks now - and even for all to see for the Easter bank holiday - the start of the Cornish tourist holiday season..."