Tuesday, 29 November 2016

It's not too late to sponsor a pony this christmas! At only £15.00 for a years sponsorship it makes a lovely gift, you will receive a certificate, photo of your chosen pony and The Horses' Voice newsletter. The cost of the sponsorship goes towards care of the ponies. For more information and to see the ponies currently available to sponsor on the scheme see the ' sponsor a pony' page!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Christmas is coming!

We have put together a lovely calendar for 2017, available for £8.00 each, plus postage for cost if required. We also have a very limited number of christmas card packs available. Please get in touch via email, facebook or phone if you would like to order, please get your orders in asap so we can get them to you in time for christmas. These would make lovely stocking fillers, A4 size with big pictures!

All of the ponies are doing well although no-one is enjoying the mud! Also don't forget you can sponsor a pony this christmas, makes a lovely present! Please see the sponsor a pony page for more details.

Friday, 14 October 2016

New Crowdfunding Appeal

We have set up a new crowdfunding page to try and raise some much needed winter funds. If you think you could help please pledge whatever you can!

For anyone who is not on our mailing list the most recent newsletter is now available to view on the newsletters page.

Sleepy Thunder, Buddy and Warrior

Monday, 26 September 2016

If you haven't yet received your newsletter it is on it's way and should be with you soon! We hope you will enjoy reading about the ponies updates and all their adventures over the past year!

We are also pleased to say that Ozzie has found new loan home and did very well in a recent show, we hope he and his new owners will have lots of fun together.

George will also be on his way to a new home in a few weeks, we wish him all the best and are sure he will settle in well. We hope to have some pictures of him with his new family soon.

Barney received some essential rehabilitation for his locking stifle and has been lightly backed in order to keep his fitness so it does not reoccur. He is now happily settled in a great loan home. He had a very smart haircut before he left to live with his new family too!

We would like to say a big thankyou to Kay Willoughby at Calm and Collected Equine for all her help in finding these cracking little ponies a home.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New Beginnings

Firstly we must apologise for the lack of posts over the past few weeks, there has been so much going on! Thistle has gone to his new home with one of our helpers, we wish him the best of luck and are sure he will settle in just fine.
Just Arrived
And here he is with his new friend Harry:

Just a day later Jango also went to his new home with one of our members of staff Kate, who fell in love when he first arrived at the centre.
Just Arrived
Here he is now with his new friends Philly and Bella, being two older mares they soon let him know who was boss but the 3 get along great!

They both took the move completely in their stride, especially since neither had travelled since they arrived with us, we are so happy for them in their new homes.

We are still looking for the perfect loan home for George:
George is looking for a forever loan home.
George is a 12.2hh super smart second pony who needs a loving experienced home where he can continue his education with a young jockey. As George is only 5 years old we would ideally like a pony club home where regular lessons and experienced parents will ensure his education remains positive and progressive as he is too good to see go to waste

If you think you could be the right person for George please get in touch via email, phone or facebook. Details can be found on the contact us page.

Also a big thankyou to everyone who donated to our crowdfunding page, unfortunately we did not reach our target this time but we did raise £150!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Welcome back George and Ozzie

George and Ozzie have returned from their loan home through no fault of their own, they were just not suited to the working environment. We would like to thank Dina and her team for looking after them whilst in their care. They will now both be looking for a long term loan home.

5 years old
George would suit a confident lightweight teenager who wants a bit of a project.He has been backed to ride and just brought back into ridden work so is still very green and will need someone kind and knowledgeable to bring him on and further his education.George enjoys his work and has plenty of potential.

5 years old
Ozzie would be suitable for an older child or lightweight teenager and has the potential to make a lovely pony club/ mounted games/ show pony etc. He is also backed to ride and is just being brought back into work, he can be quite forward under saddle so will need someone experienced and knowledgeable to continue his education. He is also still very green but very eager to please.

Both are good to catch, clip, farrier, vet, dentist, worm and travel.

For more information on either of these lovely boys please get in touch with us

Monday, 16 May 2016

Old Faces

Firstly please, please come and see us at our Fun Day on Saturday ( 21st May)! There will be lots of fun for all the family and plenty of great raffle prizes to be won, plus- FREE bouncy castle! Who could refuse?

We would like to welcome back George and Ozzy who have returned through no fault of their own after a year at their foster home. They have settled back in quickly and will soon be looking for a new forever home. They are both backed to ride and we will spend a few weeks assessing them before actively seeking new homes.
Having a groom the other day, they are a very cute pair!

The boys had a quick meeting on the way back from the pen on friday;

Quite the cute little group with 3 piebalds and 3 dark bays! <3

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Please come and support us at our upcoming family fun afternoon, Saturday 21st May at The Kings Centre in Wigston. Lots of fun for the kids and many lovely goodies to be won!
We want to raise as much money as possible so we can continue our important rescue work. If you haven't already please see our latest post for links to our new fundraising pages.
Thankyou from staff and ponies.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

New Fundraising Information

We have been setting up lots of new ways to raise funds this week and would really appreciate it if you could spend a little time to check them out.

First is our new crowdfunding page, we have set a target of £6000 and all the money raised will go towards vets bills, farrier visits, feed, hay and general care for the ponies. You can find it here

Next we have our Horses' Voice Equine Selling page where we will be selling horsey items, all the money goes to The Horses' Voice. Please see the page for more details here

We have also set up The Horses' Voice Auction Page where any other items we have for sale will be auctioned, including clothes, ornaments, toys, special items etc. Get to that page here

More items are being added to these pages all the time so please keep checking back for new bargains.

Last but not least we have set up easy fundraising. Please consider using this next time you are shopping online, it can be used for many sites and will raise money for us! That can be found here


New Adventures

We were very busy last week making the most of the lovely weather. The babies have all been for their first visits to the round pen to get them used to doing things on their own occasionally.


They took it all in their stride and enjoyed their new adventure, they were allowed to just wander about as they pleased as it was their first time and we wanted to make sure it was a fun experience for them

Barney and Thunder also had a great time, we let them go in together as they are still lacking a bit of confidence.


Bilko and Molly have even been having a run round this week in the cooler, fresher weather! They're so cute together.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

It's been another busy week at The Horse's Voice with everyone getting into the spring routine. We definitely like these brighter mornings and warmer weather! We had a visit from Alice our Vet on Thursday for Molly to have her dental checkup. She was a very good girl.

 Sally pony enjoying a nap on Monday morning.

We also received this lovely photo of Faye in her new home with her super little rider. They have been happily hacking around their village and Faye took it all in her stride. Such a cute pair!

We are still in need of more people to offer monthly donations as we have not yet hit our target. We want to continue rescuing and rehoming as many equines as possible but we cannot do it without your help. Please get in touch if you can offer us support.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Happy Easter!

We know Easter was last weekend but better late than never! We hope you all had a lovely time, the ponies sure did, with lovely sunny weather and spring grass coming through.
Happy Easter from Cracker
The babies love a good tummy scratch and they tell us so by pulling these cute smiley faces! They are starting to lose their winter coats again now and I think between all of them we could build another pony from all the fluff.

Also on a more serious note we would like to raise awareness of the terrible plight facing the moor ponies. Please take a look here for more information but please be aware there is graphic content.

"There is currently a welfare crisis underway on Bodmin Moor - THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.  On one particular common there is a crisis which has been underway since 27th February 2016 - a month now.  The mass neglect and starvation of ponies - in the last month at least 11 ponies have died out on the common from neglect and starvation, too weak to survive they have been dropping dead out on the moor, their carcasses left to rot...not even collected by the authorities who are aware of the situation.  All those dead have been left out for weeks now - and even for all to see for the Easter bank holiday - the start of the Cornish tourist holiday season..."


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Springtime is coming

All the ponies and staff at The Horses' Voice have got fingers and hooves crossed that the wet weather is finally over for the most part. The fields are starting to dry out and weve had quite a few sunny days in the last week. It was so warm at the weekend Bilko could be turned out without his rug on and he loved it!

The babies had some new grass opened up and Jango was so tired from eating it all he had to have a sit down!

Just an update on our fundraising drive, thankyou to everyone who has donated so far, we still have a long way to go and really hope we can reach our target. We are in the process of organizing lots of excited fundraising events so please get involved! Thankyou

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Sleepy Time

The babies were having a lazy lie in on Wednesday morning, all cuddled together in the shelter. Buddy was snuggled in next to Warrior but he decided to get up and investigate breakfast before the picture was taken.

Warrior decided that Thistle needed a bit of encouragement to get out of bed!
We are still in the process of collecting monthly donation forms, if you haven't returned your bottom slip already please do so asap :) We desperately need to reach our target so we can continue to help more horses and ponies. Please get in touch if you would like to donate.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Fundraising Progress

We still need more people to sign up for monthly donations in order for the charity to continue and help more horses and ponies. Thankyou to everyone who has made a donation so far, the response has been fantastic although there is still a long way to go. Can everyone who recieved a monthly donation form please remember to send the bottom part back to us. Thankyou

To sign up please look at the Fundraising page of the website where you can download and print out a form, or get in touch via email or through facebook message to request a form.

Lily and Sally enjoying their morning hay

Bilko and Molly decided to go for synchronized rolling as soon as we turned them out!

The babies having breakfast
It was lovely and frosty this morning and the ponies had gone all fluffy from the cold. We think they enjoyed it not being as muddy and they had plenty of tasty hay for breakfast. Bilko and Molly picked the muddiest patches they could find and went down for a roll together as soon as they were turned out! Dirty Ponies!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Urgent Appeal

It is with great sadness that The Horse's Voice will have to close due to lack of funds we cannot operate anymore. We cannot continue to do the work without sufficient funds. The welfare crisis that has been going on for the last few years has sucked us dry. Which will leave all our rescue horses with an uncertain future. We need to be taking £6000 a month to continue our work of helping horses. If we cannot achieve this we will be closed by the summer.

 Ways to help : text THVC07 to 70070 with an amount to help , or you can donate via our website. The most important thing is a regular donation of £2 a month ( that's 50p a week) we need as many people as possible to commit those payments. Without it the horses have no future.

Please get in touch by email or through facebook if you have any questions about how to donate, or to request a standing order form.


Thankyou from all the staff and ponies