Fund Raising

Our fund raising

Become a Supporter:
You can still help support The Horses' Voice ponies through Bransby Horses, either by making a one one off donation, setting up a standing order or by sponsoring Molly or Cracker!

Our Sponsorship Scheme:
This is an ideal way to help the horses and ponies at the Centre who, through no fault of their own, are not able to be re-homed and will spend the rest of their lives in our care. A modest amount of £15 per year will help us with veterinary fees, food, housing and care for the individual horse or pony that you choose. In recognition of your valued help, you will receive a certificate, a photo of your horse or pony and a history of its circumstances. We will also update you during the year to tell you how he or she is doing. You can also visit your special horse or pony at the Centre, either at our annual open day or by appointment, please give us a call so we can arrange a suitable time.

We also want to carry on with our work of helping equines in distress and lobbying for improved welfare – campaigning for revisions of the laws regarding tethering, exporting horses for meat (our native ponies have been subjected to this awful trade for many years) as well as raising awareness of how to keep horses and ponies happy and healthy.

THV is run on a very small budget and every penny received is put to invaluable use in helping the animals in our care. All donations are prioritised to directly benefit the horses and ponies. Volunteers and trustees of the charity undertake administrative work therefore costs are kept to a bare minimum.

We would like to do so much more:
So much has been achieved, yet there is so much more to do. For instance, we need an all-weather area so we can exercise the horses and ponies ‘whatever the weather’ during their rehabilitation period and also to re-train those who can be fostered through our loan scheme.