Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Welcome back George and Ozzie

George and Ozzie have returned from their loan home through no fault of their own, they were just not suited to the working environment. We would like to thank Dina and her team for looking after them whilst in their care. They will now both be looking for a long term loan home.

5 years old
George would suit a confident lightweight teenager who wants a bit of a project.He has been backed to ride and just brought back into ridden work so is still very green and will need someone kind and knowledgeable to bring him on and further his education.George enjoys his work and has plenty of potential.

5 years old
Ozzie would be suitable for an older child or lightweight teenager and has the potential to make a lovely pony club/ mounted games/ show pony etc. He is also backed to ride and is just being brought back into work, he can be quite forward under saddle so will need someone experienced and knowledgeable to continue his education. He is also still very green but very eager to please.

Both are good to catch, clip, farrier, vet, dentist, worm and travel.

For more information on either of these lovely boys please get in touch with us

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